Biggest Wedding Day Regrets (From Real Couples)!

Everyone builds up to their big day, putting in the hours to make sure everything runs without a hitch. But what could happen on the day to ruin all of your plans?
Biggest Wedding Day Regrets (From Real Couples)!
1. Getting Too Drunk

Of course, I'm not saying you can’t have a drink, but sometimes getting too drunk can ruin the day. If you start drinking too early, it can mean that you’re leaving the wedding later on, way earlier than expected.Getting too drunk may also mean that you might not enjoy the day as much as you possibly can. For a lot of people, a marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you want to remember the good times of the day. Plus, you don’t want to ruin your wedding dress from any unwanted repercussions of your drinking! Ew.

2. Not Eating Enough During The Day

As many people will know, food is one of the most important things to have in the world! It’s no different on your wedding day.We understand you may be super busy with last-minute changes or something happens that you need to sort out, but you won’t be able to fix any of these things without some food in your system.You need the energy to enjoy the day properly. Good food = good times!

3. Not Having A Wedding Planner

You’re going to be extremely busy on your wedding day, so the best thing to do is to hire a wedding planner or at the very least a coordinator. Spend that little bit of extra money to relieve any planning stress from your life leading up to your special day. A wedding is stressful enough as it is, you don’t need any extra stress on top of that.Many couples do enjoy planning everything themselves, which can be wonderful if you are able to take on that responsibility. But, it’s not for everyone and many couples find this out the hard way! The planning process can be difficult, so you could make the choice to leave it up to a professional, because there are more important things to be doing on your wedding day.

4. Forgetting To Be With Your Partner

Don’t forget to spend time with your new partner. After all, this is your wedding to each other, to show the love you have for one another.Make sure to free some time up for the both of you so that you can share some words of love and downtime with each other. Reserve a couple of hours during your wedding day to take some photos taken of just the two of you.This will give you some face-to-face time that you might not get in the evening when all of the guests arrive.

5. Leaving It Too Late To Book The Band or DJ

To avoid the disappointment of not having your favourite band or DJ at your wedding, make sure to book them far in advance.Some bands will get pre-booked a few years in advance, so if you want that awesome rock cover band or that sweet guitar/singer duo for your wedding day, don’t wait around.

6. Micro-Managing Everything

No one likes a bossy boots or someone leering over them constantly. How are you supposed to enjoy your day if you are always worrying or losing your mind over little things?Remember, you have hired people for this exact reason, to make sure everything runs smoothly.Let them sort everything out, whilst you have fun with your friends, family and new partner. After all, this is your own wedding that you want to have the benefit of enjoying while you can and that you can reminisce about in the future.

7. Not Having Any Entertainment During The Daytime

*Yawn*. Is this what you want your wedding day guests to be doing during your big day? Of course, it’s not.If there is nothing to do before all of the hustle and bustle of the evening portion of the day, your guests may very well become bored. After the ceremony and before the evening meal at a wedding is one of the most common lulls at a wedding.

8. Not Having A Videographer

Photos are a lovely memento to have of your special day, but there is something different about having your day recorded for you to watch at a later time.Photos capture a smile, but videos capture movement and full emotions. Videos are a wonderful way to keep the memories of passed loved ones alive and to share those memories with many generations to come.With this being said, don’t just get your mate to film the day, there might be shots of the sky rather than your ceremony or they might end up filming their face for the majority of the day instead of you and your friends and family!

9. Picking A First Dance Song That Is Way Too Long

We know that ‘2112’ by the Canadian rock band Rush might be your favourite song of all time, but let’s be realistic, it’s 20 minutes long. That’s a tad too long to have your guests waiting around for you to finish your first dance.Things might start to get a little bit awkward, your guests might start to think about going home if the song doesn’t end!Try to pick a song that is a few minutes long or if you really insist on having your favourite song, maybe just take a verse and the chorus, so you can enjoy the best parts of the song without leaving your guests to twiddle their thumbs.

10. Not Having A Professional Photographer For The Evening Party

Some of the best moments happen at the party portion of the wedding day, and that is something you really do not want to miss out on.Unplanned shots can be great for your wedding album and can be great fun to remind that certain friend about the embarrassing dance that they did to that one song! A lot of guests will be arriving on your wedding day in the evening as well, so if you want memories with every person that has been invited to your wedding, make sure you get professional photos taken for your evening reception as well as your morning celebrations. Plus, if you are having more than one wedding dress, you don’t want to miss out on that professional photographer getting stunning shots of every outfit!

Shaun Brady
Founder and Director of The Groove