Wedding Timings - How long do things take?

Here are some recommended wedding music and entertainment timings for your big day from our experts, plus a few wedding entertainment ideas thrown in for good measure.
Wedding Timings - How long do things take?
Pre Ceremony | 30 Minutes, 5-6 Songs

Pre-ceremony music is played right from the start of the day. Ease your guests in as they arrive and take their seats. Non-intrusive and relaxed music works best here as you begin your special day.

The Entrance | 2 Minutes, 1 Song

This is it. The big moment. As you walk down the aisle, a live musician performing your ideal wedding entrance song can make this special moment even more memorable.

Signing the Register | 10 Minutes, 3-4 Songs

When you and your witnesses are signing the register, fill the silence and keep your guests entertained with some relaxing and romantic songs.

Drinks Reception | 90 Minutes, 2x 45 Minute Sets

The drinks reception can be anything from 1-2 hours and is the perfect time for entertainers and acoustic singers to fill. Sometimes ceremony musicians can relocate to help entertain guests during this part of the day.

Wedding Breakfast | 90 Minutes, 30-50 Songs

Whilst food is being served, entertain your guests with some instrumental background music.

First Dance | 2 Minutes, 1 Song

Your special song, played live or pre-recorded. Need help picking a first dance song? Check out our blog or ask us for some inspiration.

First Live Set | 45 Minutes, 10-15 Songs

Get your party started with your live band or entertainment. This happens immediately after your first dance just as everyone is primed and ready to take to the dance floor and throw some shapes!

Second Live Set | 45 Minutes, 10-15 Songs

Time to take things up a notch. After a short break Your wedding band will blow minds and give your guests a night to remember with a set full of dance floor fillers.

DJ | Until Close

If you’ve chosen a standalone DJ to look after your evening wedding entertainment, get ready for them to end the night with a bang

Shaun Brady
Founder and Director of The Groove